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I would say that my journey (for lack of a better word) toward homeschooling and being Waldorf-y started the day I went back to work full time after having my first daughter. Wow. It was hard. Everyone kept telling me that leaving your little one at daycare every week day gets easier. It just didn’t for me. I remember calling my husband after the six month mark and crying on the phone to him on the way to work. I hated leaving her. Every day I hated it.

But I loved my job. My coworkers? The best. My boss? The uber best. I worked above what is arguably Vermont’s best pizza shop, and across the street from a cafe with the best really big chocolate chip cookies (the best!!). Despite all that, I just couldn’t reconcile the fact that my beautiful little baby girl was going to grow up with someone else raising her Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. On top of that, her care provider’s values and beliefs would be extremely formative elements in her life. And I barely knew this woman! It all felt utterly wrong. So needless to say, coworkers, cookies and pizza just didn’t take the top spot any longer in terms of how I wanted to spend my days.

It also so happened that at the time, while I was pumping breast milk in the makeshift closet/boiler room of my office building, I was reading books about attachment parenting. I’m pretty sure someone gave me a copy of a book by Christiane Northrup, and I started from there. The subject was fascinating to me, and it all clicked with how I felt in my heart as a new mama. It also validated – much to my frustration at the time – my desire to be home with my daughter.

As luck would have it, an opening came up in my workplace for a part-time from home gig, so I went to talk with my boss about it (he has four grown children and a wife who is a former home school mom and Waldorf educator – so you see the upcoming thread). My boss said to me, “You will never regret this decision.” And six years in, I can say he was spot on. Learning to be home with my daughter (and now daughters) came with a huge (HUGE – I can not emphasize that enough) learning curve, but today my feet are on the ground. There are daily challenges with a seven year old and a four year old (and some days their two-year-old cousin), but I’m making it.

And that’s how this little (epic, life changing) journey began. I always get the urge to write late at night, so I’m putting my butt to bed now. More another day. xo


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